About me

Dear visitors,M

The purpose of this site is simply to share some impressions and images taken during foreign traveling, , biking tours, walkabouts, observations

As you will notice, I’m not a professional photographer, but more of an enthusiastic ‘photo-observer’ with an opportunistic approach in trying to photograph whatever interesting crosses my path or eye.

Nature photography turns out to be a fascinating occupation, often time-consuming and challenging, but offering so much exciting in return.  Only downside is that unfortunately you’re confronted with the increasing environmental problems resulting in an accelerated extinction of species  and loss of habitat, even in remote places or in protected areas such as national parks or nature reserves.

‘In the end, our society will be defined not only by what we create but by what we refuse to destroy’ 

Hoping these images can stimulate your imagination…


 -Take only photographs, leave only footprints –

All images can be downloaded or copied for free if used for educational purposes. A brief email is always highly appreciated. No images can be used for commercial purposes without prior formal approval.